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Latest News & Information
(Updated 27/05/2015)

  • Club Event Results

  • 2015 Ice Skating Queensland Annual General Meeting
    7.00 pm Monday 15th June - Iceworld Boondall

    2304 Sandgate Road Boondall
    All Senior Members are welcome to attend

  • Damon Allen / Erik Schulz Seminar - Iceworld Boondall


  • 2015 Ice Skating Queensland Calendar (Updated 18/2/2015)

  • Congratulations to the following ISQ skaters and teams on their results at 2014 / 2015 International Events.

    • Figure Skating

      • Yancey Chan, Junior Ladies, Gardena Spring Trophy 2015 - 23/25

      • Dylan Chartres, Basic Novice Boys, FBMA Trophy - 2/2

      • Hayley Dean, Basic Novice A Girls, ISU World Development Trophy - 1/16

      • Andrew Dodds, Senior Men, Four Continents - 25/26

      • Charlton Doherty, Junior Men, Challenge Cup 2015 - 9/10

      • Charlton Doherty, Junior Men, Helmut Siebt Memorial 2015 - 8/10

      • Chastidy Franklin, Basic Novice A Girls, FBMA Trophy 2015 - 3/6

      • Amelia Jackson, Junior Ladies, Grand Prix Bratislava 2014 - 4/13

      • Darian Kaptich, Advanced Novice Boys, Gardena Spring Trophy - 3/7

      • Hannah Kim, Advanced Novice Girls, Gardena Spring Trophy - 19/19

      • Corina Ormston, Advanced Novice Girls, FBMA Trophy - 1/4

      • Rose Robinson, Advanced Novice Girls, FBMA Trophy - 2/4

      • Lucy Yun, Advanced Novice Girls, Coupe de Printemps - 15/22

    • Synchronized Skating

      • Team Australia, ISU World Junior Synchronized Championships, 17/24

      • Ice Storm, Senior Synchronized, Budapest Cup - 4/7

  • Message from Ice Skating Australia:
    Thank you for helping to spread the word among your members of the Morgan Innes Scholarships. As a result of the information reaching members, ISA received 24 Applications in total covering almost every State of Australia.
    The applicants came from Synchronised, Singles and Pairs and were spread across Primary through to Senior. The applications were very impressive which speaks of the wonderful plans the athletes have to further their skating.
    ISA is very proud of the good work you are doing to continue to foster growth and improvement of your athletes to help them reach their maximum potential.
    ISA looks forward to supporting you in your continuing endeavours.
    The Short List of the finalists in the 2 categories were as follows:
    Morgan Innes Queensland Scholarship

    • James Thompson

    • QSIC Junior Synchronised Team

    • Haley Dean

    • Amelia Jackson

    Winner:  QSIC Junior Synchronised Team

     Simone Moore & Alan Blinn  National Scholarship 

    • Milan Whitsed    WA

    • Shania Sime       NSW

    • James Min         SA

    • Serena Xu         NSW

     Winner: James Min    SA

  • Ice Skating Queensland would like to congratulate the following ISQ officials on their
    ISU appointments at the recent ISU Seminar in Frankfurt, Germany

    • Elizabeth Cain - promoted to ISU Technical Specialist - Pairs

    • Sharon Gaylard - New International Technical Specialist - Singles

    • Lisa Jelinek - promoted to ISU Technical Controller - Singles

  • Congratulations to Australian skater Brooke Lee Han on her invitation to Skate America - October 24-26, 2014.


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