Last updated 06/11/2018


ISQ would like to congratulate those skaters who have accepted their nomination to skate at the AFSC in Sydney in November/December 2018.

Those skaters are:- 

·        Basic Novice Ladies:  Shuri Tomihara, Renee Tsai, Sienna Kaczmarczyk, Luna Shimogaki

·        Basic Novice Men: Shin Suzuki-Goudey

·        Intermediate Novice Ladies:  Abbey Rotondo

·        Intermediate Ladies:  Emily Phillips

·        Advanced Novice Ladies:  Alara Ulker, Emily-Jean Kelly, Emma Dobson, Danielle Thomsen

·        Advanced Novice Men: Lachlan Lewer Parr, Chris Kiel-Chisholm, Dylan Chartres

·        Junior Ladies: Amelia Jackson, Lucy Sori Yun, Corina Ormston, Tegan Wright

·        Junior Men: Darian Kaptich                             

·        Senior Ladies:  Amelia Jackson, Lucy Sori Yun, Yancey Chan, Brooklee Han

·        Senior Men:  Andrew Dodds, Charlton Doherty, Jordan Dodds, Darian Kaptich

·        Junior Ice Dance:  Jessica Palfreyman / Nicholas McCreary

·        Senior Ice Dance:  Chantelle Kerry / Andrew Dodds

·        Adult Silver Ladies:  Emily Watson, Hannah Peterken, Sophie Mathison

·        Basic Novice Synchronized:  Ice Pizzazz, Aquila

·        Mixed Age Synchronized:   Ice Vivacity

·        Advanced Novice Synchronized:  Iceskateers, Phoenix

·        Junior Synchronized:  Iceskateers Elite

·        Senior Synchronized:  Nova, Ice Storm

·        Adult Synchronized:  Evolution

·        Advanced Adult Synchronized:  Solstice



Members Update March 2017


Queensland Young Athlete Travel Subsidy

The Young Athletes Travel Subsidy (travel subsidy) replaced the Young Athlete Assistance Program (YAAP) on 1 July 2015. This travel subsidy provides additional financial assistance through 3 event tiers and supports attendance at specific state, national and international events.

Subsidies are provided retrospectively under a tiered funding model, with applicants eligible once every 2 calendar years at each tier. Athletes and officials can only apply after they have competed or officiated at an event and within 6 months of participating.



 Business Directory:

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Invitation to Judge
Ice Skating Queensland Inc. is looking for intelligent, motivated people with an interest in pursuing a challenging and rewarding career in judging.
If you would like to get involved in judging please email Jan Gardner.  For details click here.



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