(Please note that you must be a member of a State Association to take a Test.  ISQ Members must be also be a member of an ISQ Affiliated Club)

As well as being a member of Ice Skating Queensland and an Affiliated Club, parents or skaters must also discuss the best time for the skater to test with their coach and have your private coach’s signature on your test form prior to lodging it at the rink, as this is required by ISQ to verify your coach agrees that you are ready to test.

In the event that a test session has too many applications, tests will be listed in strict received order.  Once the allocated time has been reached, no more tests for that session will be accepted for that session.   Received applications are those that are fully completed forms, signed by the coach, and paid.  Emails will not be accepted as test applications.  The earlier you put in a test application, the more chance you will have of getting the test date that you want.
Test Application
You can now pay your test fees with Paypal. Don't forget to put in the skaters name in the "Notes to Merchant" section.


You still need to complete and submit a Test Application Form, signed by your coach.


Singles and Pairs Test Application Form

Ice Dance Test Application Form


Test Fee Payable

 Test Schedule 2017

Test Dates 2017
Closing date for applications 10 days prior or earlier if full

 Acacia Ridge


 Gold Coast

Thursday 9th February

Thursday 16th February (Full)


Thursday 9th March

Thursday 16th March


Thursday 13th April

Thursday 20th April


Thursday 11th May

 Thursday 18th May


Thursday 8th June

 Thursday 22nd June (Closed)


 Thursday 13th July

 Thursday 27th July


 Thursday 10th August

 Thursday 31st August


 Thursday 7th September

 Thursday 14th September


 Thursday 9th November

 Thursday 23rd November


 Thursday 14th December

 Thursday 21st December